YEP Agrofood Position – SNV Netherlands Development Organisation – Laos


YEP Agrofood Position – SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Project title: Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families Project

Duration: 2 year(s)

Position: Young Expert Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture


Enhancing Nutrition of Upland Farming Families (ENUFF) is a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. The goal of the project is to improve family and child nutrition in remote and ethnically diverse upland farming communities through improved feeding, caregiving and dietary practices, reduced incidence of WASH related diseases in CU2 linked to malnutrition, improved availability and accessibility of diverse nutritious foods, and conducive institutional framework at the sub-national level.

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YEP Energy Position – African Clean Energy – Uganda, Mbale


YEP Energy Position – African Clean Energy

Project title: Expanding business operations in Uganda

Duration: 1 or 2 year(s)

Position: Junior Field Office Manager


African Clean Energy (ACE) is a for-profit B-Corp certified social enterprise that manufactures and distributes its proprietary energy system called the ACE One in Lesotho, Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya (in the near future). The ACE One is an forced draft improved biomass cookstove that is capable of lighting and phone charging capabilities. It, therefore, offers a combination of a truly clean & efficient biomass combustion along with electricity consequently addressing the full spectrum of Bottom-Of-Pyramid (BoP) household energy needs. With over 2.6 billion people across the Base-Of-Pyramid (BoP) without access to clean forms of energy, ACE’s solution offers a sustainable source of clean energy for households earning $2-a-day with access to a durable $100+ product through the use of 6-9 month microloans. The ACE One energy system comes bundled with a solar panel and an LED light. ACE is working towards adding an Android-based smartphone to the bundle that is symbiotically paired with the ACE One through a pre-installed ACE app. This would enable real time measurement of usage and impact statistics while allowing the implementation of our Pay-As-You-Save system that allows customers to make flexible incremental repayments earned by the fuel savings (70% reduction) and energy savings (83% reduction) the ACE One offers.

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YEP Energy Position – Hypoport BV – South Africa, Johannesburg


YEP Energy Position – Hypoport BV

Position: Business Developer Consultant

Project title: MyFitTest credit scoring Technology

Duration: 2 year(s)


Hypoport BV, part of listed financial technology firm Hypoport AG, is a financial technology firm based in Amsterdam, specialized in providing high-tech software and consultancy services to the financial industry. Our technology solutions (PRoMMiSe®/ MyFitTest®) and consultancy services allows clients to structure and administrate portfolios for structured finance transactions (e.g. ABS, RMBS- or Covered Bond transactions, SME, Micro finance, Consumer loans, Leases, Collateralized funds and whole loans). Hypoport is present in the European, African and Asian market. We are actively involved in numerous fixed-income reform initiatives on both national, and international levels. Over 45 Financial Institutions worldwide use our technology. Our mission is to create more in-depth transparency around collateralized structured finance transactions and (traded) loan portfolios.

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YEP Agrofood Position – Resilience BV – Uganda and Rwanda


YEP Agrofood Position – Resilience BV

Project title: Resiliencia Uganda and Rwanda: moving from aid to trade realizing sustainable growth of the agricultural sector

Duration: 2 years

Position: Traid Program Manager Uganda and Rwanda


Resilience is an international network organization that carries out research and consultancy projects in emerging markets. Moreover, we also initiate and invest in social enterprises ourselves to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues. We are a group of bright and open-minded professionals seeking to make a change. Currently, we are active in the field of agribusiness, horticulture and seed-sector development, farmer-led irrigation and drinking water. Resilience has offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Netherlands and Rwanda. We are currently in the process of establishing an office in Uganda. Local offices implement projects, programs or assignments independently as well as collaboratively. Resilience envisions a world where humankind can grow happier, healthier and more prosperous managing pressure on natural and socio-economic systems.

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YEP Water Position – Safi Sana Holding BV – Ghana, Accra


YEP Water Position – Safi Sana Holding BV

Project title: Integrated business model development for closing the loop products

Duration: 2 years

Position: Project Lead Irrigation Water Nutrient Recovery


Safi Sana Ghana is a company which operates as a social venture with its headquarters in the Netherlands and operations in Ghana. It is is a pioneering enterprise which promotes waste-to-resource by converting human and organic waste into added value products, including electricity, irrigation water and high nutrient soil enhance for agriculture. Safi Sana is one of the first companies in the world to deliver a replicable and financially independent model with a high impact on poor communities. The plant in Ashaiman, Accra, has reached a proof-of-principle phase, and is ready to build further on its success story which includes investing in the team.

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YEP Water and Agrofood – Open Application – Den Haag


With an open application, you can apply for a position in the candidate pool of the Young Expert Programmes Water, Agrofood and Energy. For an open application we also require your CV and motivation letter. In this case, the motivation letter explains your motivation for joining YEP in particular.

Please be as detailed as possible during your application, so include any preferences for, and previous experiences in countries, as well as language skills.

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