YEP Energy Position – Hypoport BV – South Africa, Johannesburg

Position: Business Developer Consultant

Project title: MyFitTest credit scoring Technology

Duration: 2 year(s)


Hypoport BV, part of listed financial technology firm Hypoport AG, is a financial technology firm based in Amsterdam, specialized in providing high-tech software and consultancy services to the financial industry. Our technology solutions (PRoMMiSe®/ MyFitTest®) and consultancy services allows clients to structure and administrate portfolios for structured finance transactions (e.g. ABS, RMBS- or Covered Bond transactions, SME, Micro finance, Consumer loans, Leases, Collateralized funds and whole loans). Hypoport is present in the European, African and Asian market. We are actively involved in numerous fixed-income reform initiatives on both national, and international levels. Over 45 Financial Institutions worldwide use our technology. Our mission is to create more in-depth transparency around collateralized structured finance transactions and (traded) loan portfolios.